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Veterans Benefits Application

Some Veterans may qualify home care. However, the process can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating. The Veterans Affairs (VA) website can be dense and difficult to navigate. That said, the most important of is Don’t Give Up! Furthermore, you need to speak to the VA directly, as eligibility changes frequently. Don’t take anything on the internet or anything a single person over the phone tells you as gospel.

Know this will take some time and many phone calls. But that’s okay, we got your back. If you ever need help give Carenade a call at (833)-ShareTheCare.

Also, remember that there are many other ways to help pay for home care and assisted living that veterans may qualify for.

So, let’s get started. You first need to understand the higher level process.

There are many different VA programs but the you want to are

  1. VA Health Care
  2. VA Pension and
  3. VA Disability Compensation

It is important to realize that applying for VA health care (application form 10-10ez), disability compensation (form 21-526EZ) and pension (application 21-527EZ) are separate! You should apply for both although you might not qualify for VA pension benefits. See VA Pension eligibility.

The Brief Summary

  1. Apply for VA Health Benefits (form 10-10ez or online at Veterans Affairs health care application)
  2. if you qualify for VA pension. (form 
    21P-527EZ or online at Veterans Affairs pension application). Feel free to call the VA eBenefitsdepartment at 800-827-1000. From our experience, they are quite helpful.
  3. See if you qualify for VA disability. 
    (form 21-526EZ or online at VA Disability Compensation.
  4. If you qualify for a pension then you can apply for aid and attendance (application form 21-2680 or online at VA Aid and Attendance Benefits and Housebound Allowance) The 21-2680 requires a physician evaluation.

Step 1: Gathering your documents

Action points: gather info and get ready to apply. Your point of contact here is your local Veteran’s affairs office. Simply search “local Veteran’s affairs office” in Google.

Before you get started you will want to get all your information together. If you are helping a family member apply, then you should have all the information you need at hand. The following is a list of common questions and documents that you may need:

  • Social Security Number
  • Name of Veteran (fist, middle, last)
  • Date of Birth of Veteran
  • Service Number
  • Approximate date the Veteran left service
  • Place of birth – city and state
  • Branch of Service
  • Service component (active, reserve or National Guard)
  • Was the Veteran an officer or enlisted
  • Numbers of current health insurance
  • Most recent tax return
  • Financial information of the Veteran and any dependants
  • Do you already receive VA health care benefits?
  • Do you already recieve compensation or pension?

Step 2: Applying for Health Care Benefits

Action points: apply for health care benefits and contact your VA physician and social worker and tell them “I need help getting non-medical home care services”. Don’t give up after asking them once, keep pestering them.  Your point of contact here is your physician and social worker at the VA. This allows you to start the “Long Term Care Benefits” process.

To apply, use form 10-10ez or online at Veterans Affairs health care application.

You will need access to your:

  • Social Security number
  • Military discharge papers. See this Veterans Affairs page on instructions with requesting your DD214 forms and other discharge papers.
  • Financial information including dependents’ financial information.
  • Most recent tax return.
  • Account numbers for any health insurance you currently have.

How to qualify for Veterans health care benefits

The qualification process is complex and involves several factors. These include:

  • current monthly income
  • veterans disabilities and service-connected disabilities
  • number of dependants
  • length of service and others.

Simply put, don’t count yourself out until you have actually gone through the process. It doesn’t hurt to try and apply.

Step 3: Apply for VA pension

Action points: apply for pension. Your point of contact is your local Veteran’s Administration office as well as online.

To apply, use form 21P-527EZ or online at Veterans Affairs pension application.

Step 4: Apply for VA Disability Compensation

Action points: if you qualify, apply for VA disability compensation. Your point of contact, again, is your local Veteran’s Administration office as well as online.

To apply, use form 21-526EZ or online at VA Disability Compensation.

Step 5: VA Aid and Attendance

Action points: apply for aid and attendance.

To apply, use form 21-2680 or online at VA Aid and Attendance Benefits and Housebound Allowance.

This is effectively an increase in your pension amount. You will need to qualify for pension in order to receive VA aid and attendance.

Other options: VD-HCBS

Action points: talk to your local VA Medical Center about the “Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services Program”. You can also contact your local Area On Aging and ask them about this same program. Tell them you want to apply to the VD-HCBS.

The Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services program allows veterans to stay at home instead of a nursing home. This program allows veterans to hire their own caregivers and decide on what type of services they need.

Updated on June 9, 2019

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