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How To Pay For Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care or “non-skilled” home care is a great way to keep your family happy, healthy, and at home. This type of care is typically delivered by home health aides. These home health aides undergo various types of training. Some carry formal licenses such as their HHA or CNA while others get training through their home care agency. Skills include: helping with day to day activities, CPR training, safety for the elderly and the use of various assistive devices such as Hoyer lifts.

You will notice that we frequently discuss the differences between medical “home healthcare” and non-medical “home care”. Distinguishing between the two is important in understanding the type of care you need. Simply put, if your family needs help with day to day activities like getting around, bathing, eating and medication reminders then you need non-medical home care. Think of it as a friendly daily assistant for your family member.

This type of care is not considered “purely medical” and as such, many insurances do not pay. But for patients and families that need help at home, there are many other routes that make home care affordable.

Research into the benefits of medical and non-medical home care is ongoing. Many hospital systems and insurance companies have shown decrease hospital readmission and improvements in functional status for patients receiving care at home. Given these benefits, as of 2019, certain Medicare advantage plans have started to cover non-medical home care.

Paying for home care infographic: medicare, waiver, VA and more
There are many ways to pay for home care. Carenade will help you find the best.

Private Pay

The majority of people who do not qualify for financial assistance pay for home care out of pocket. Most non-medical home care agencies charge between $20- $30 an hour. Carenade has partnered with home care agencies that have been fully screened by CEO Dr. Jordan Kapper. Carenade.com has price comparison for these home care agencies. You can also compare the different services offered by each agency. If you need help getting matched to an agency that specifically meets your needs, call Carenade at (833) ShareTheCare. (833) 742-7384

Family Share

Carenade, The Home Care Center, has a Family Share that makes it easy for all family members to contribute to the cost of home care for their loved ones. Visit Carenade.com and create an account for your loved one. Share this account with all other family members. Everyone in the family can then chip in and share the cost of home care. You can also call (833) ShareTheCare (833) 742-7384 for assistance.

Traditional Insurance

Following an injury, illness, hospital stay or similar nature, certain insurance companies will pay for home health aide services for a limited period of time. These home health aid services are covered through the skilled medical home health provisions of certain insurance policies. To learn about your insurance benefits you can call your insurance company or Carenade at (833)ShareTheCare. (833) 742-7384

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance policies will reimburse policyholders a daily amount (up to a pre-selected limit) for services to assist them with home health aide services. To get matched to an agency that accepts long-term care insurance call (833) ShareTheCare. (833) 742-7384

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans provide an alternative way to receive all Medicare benefits, along with additional benefits through a private pre-approved insurance company. Beginning in 2019, certain Medicare Advantage Plans cover non-medical home care. The number of benefits will continue to increase in upcoming years. To find out if your Medicare Advantage Plan provides for free home care, call (833) ShareTheCare. (833) 742-7384


The government provides a waiver to people who financially qualify for assistance. These individuals receive free non-medical home care based on their need. To apply for a Medicaid waiver for home care, contact the Independent Enrollment Broker (IEB) of your state. They send a representative from the Area on Aging to your home to access your need for non-medical home care. If you need any help at all with this process call (833) ShareTheCare and a care coordinator will hold your hand through the entire process. See the Carenade Knowledgebase articles on applying for waivers in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island for more instructions.

Long Term Care Benefits for Veterans

Veterans and surviving spouses can receive free home care. The Veterans Administration (VA) has a pension benefit called Aid and Attendance. This pension benefit is underused. It provides help for Veterans and their spouses, who need help and assistance with everyday activities. Even Veterans whose income is above the limit for receiving a VA pension may qualify for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. Carenade can help walk you through the application process. See our detailed how-to guide on Veterans Long Term Care Benefits.

Things To Consider

Home care agencies accept different forms of payment. Some agencies accept only one form of payment like private pay. Other agencies accept multiple forms of payment and payment programs like waivers from the government. Some agencies are experts on long-term care insurance and specialize in dealing with insurance agencies. Not all agencies will accept payment from Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid waivers, long-term care insurance and Veteran benefits.

Sometimes an agency has a caregiver to assist your family member at that time but in the future may need help from another agency to reliably staff your loved ones need. Carenade has a large number of partnered agencies and will make sure that your loved one is never left without a caregiver for any reason. Carenade is The Home Care Center and a free service for families. It’s about time! Finding home care used to be hard. Now it is easy with Carenade. If ever you have any questions about home care or how to pay for it call Carenade’s helpful and caring home care experts at (833) ShareTheCare. (833) 742-7384

Updated on June 10, 2019

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