Do Doctors Diet?

Do Doctors Diet?

Do Doctors Diet?

Can A Doctor Tell Me How To Diet?

Doctors are a great resource for your overall health and wellness. In general, they are well versed in understanding the mechanisms that keep your body fully functioning. And if you ask, they will certainly tell you that dieting is a critical component in your overall health. If you are considering a big diet change, it’s important to look into different sources. I think that it’s important to take advice from both your doctor and a nutritionist.

My husband is an ER doctor, who received his undergraduate degree in nutrition and has valuable dietary recommendations for his patients. He also has a wealth of knowledge into the disease processes of the body. With both of these skills he is able to suggest the best types of eating habits for your lifestyle. However, sticking to them is not always easy. It’s best to make a plan of action, and stick to it!

Ultimately, if your nutritionist and doctor give you conflicting diets to follow- you need to start asking them both questions. If there isn’t a misunderstanding, then the most advisable thing to do is listen to your doctor, who has a deeper understanding of any health conditions you may have.

Preventative Health Changes Make A Difference

If you are trying to get in shape, consider an exercise plan that works in conjunction with your diet. Both your doctor and nutritionalist should be able to advise you on which types of exercises will benefit you the most. The goal is to keep away from your doctor by preventing health concerns before they begin.

Diet and exercise are key components to living a healthy lifestyle so be sure to ask around, make a plan, and eat right.