Company Culture, Why So Angry?

Company Culture, Why So Angry?

A Story On Culture

I recently spoke with a friend who came to me for advice after switching hospitals. She was utilizing pediatric services frequently and was having some problems at her new hospital. Notably, she felt that at one hospital they cared. She enjoyed appointments, they treated her and her child kindly – she left feeling great. However, at the other she felt like she was “just another cattle going through the motions.” She mentioned her experience with customer support, and the fake “have a nice day” farewells. They technically sounded happy and bubbly but just below the surface they clearly hated interacting with her. From the check in staff, to the nurses, the doctor, and then at check out – everyone had that adversarial tone at her new hospital. The displeasure was palpable. Immediately, I doubted my friend. Did one bad experience just sour her view of the new hospital?

What Caused This Workplace Attitude?

I began to question more. This wasn’t confirmation bias. My friend was excited to switch. The hospitals were the same size and same “prestige”. She even noted that the “angry” workers didn’t seem overworked or hurried, just angry. Why do these two seemingly similar hospital have SUCH different cultures? Is this an HR issue? Are they hiring “angry” people? Or is company culture a beast of its own?

In the end I wonder what makes company culture so different in places where there is such a similar service. Is the difference people or something else?