Why Carenade for Home Health Care Agencies?

Carenade gives agencies an extra boost in clients.
It's simple! Agencies list for free and we send you paying clients.
We charge a commission based on number of care hours purchased - never "pay per lead".
We only send you paying clients, never referrals. It's no risk - you can cancel anytime.
  • More Clients
    More Clients and More Hours Purchased

    Carenade sends you paying clients. Family members can purchase care for their elderly loved one directly online. Our payment portal allows families to "share-the-care". Families can share their elderly loved ones account allowing ALL family members fund the cost of care. Resulting in more hours purchased.

  • Vetted Clients
    Vetted Clients

    All clients are manually vetted by one of Carenade's "Care Coordinators". We never send you cold leads, only PAYING clients.

  • No upfront costs
    No Upfront Costs

    Carenade uses "Pay Per Conversion" pricing. Carenade is 100% FREE to join. You only pay when we send you paying clients!

  • Carenade Approved Badge
    Carenade Approved Badge

    Our top agencies receive the "Carenade Approved" badge. This badge let's clients know that your agency has been personally vetted by the Carenade team.

See how Carenade affects your bottomline

This Calculator is based on real world agency financial statements.

It's important to understand the difference between fixed and variable cost and how this affects your bottom line. Note that gross profit percentage will stay the same no matter the size of your agency. This is because the two largest factors that determine gross profit (home health aide salary and insurance/ workers comp) scale proportionately with total revenue. A modest boost in revenue from Carenade helps directly with your bottom line!

This calculator is a rough estimate. If you would like a free walkthrough and more specific financial analysis of Carenade and your agency, feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting with our CFO.

Before Carenade After Carenade (Assuming 5% increase in revenue)
Current Total Revenue $1,170,000.00 $1,228,500.00
Home Health Aide Salary $608,400.00 $638,820.00
Gross Profit $561,600.00 $589,680.00
Total Fixed Expenses (Assuming 43% of Revenue) $503,100.00 $503,100.00 + Carenade Fee ($2,866.50)
Net Profit $58,500.00 $83,713.50 Additional Profit from Carenade: $25,213.50
This model assumes:
  1. A 5% boost in your revenue from Carenade
  2. You will not need to increase your fixed costs, like rent and office staff due to the extra Carenade clients
  3. Your agency averages 18 hours/client/week
All assumptions are based on real world data gathered from Carenade agencies.

Carenade gives you a boost in revenue with no extra marketing effort on your end!

How to Join

  • 1
    Sign Up

    Contact us and let us know you want to register your agency with Carenade

  • 2
    Build your profile

    Meet with representatives from Carenade that will help you build a custom profile for you agency

  • 3
    Get Paying Clients

    Customers visiting Carenade will purchase care hours for your agency directly through Carenade

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