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Rebecca Bradford is a seasoned home care veteran and co-founder of Carenade. As the director of operations, Rebecca's passion for home care permeates the heart and soul of Carenade.

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Jordan Kapper, MD is a practicing physician, father, and the CEO of Carenade. As an ER doctor, "Kapper" has seen it all and knows how to fight for his patients.

About Us

Carenade makes it easy for families to find the best local home care agencies. You can shop, compare, view pricing and book care. We only feature accredited agencies, not independent caregivers. It is important to purchase care through an accredited agency. Agencies are reliable, caregivers are managed, and purchasing care this way protects you and your family from liability. All agencies have been carefully screened by our CEO Dr. Jordan Kapper, an emergency medicine physician.

Carenade is available by phone, online or in-person. Call (833)-ShareTheCare to schedule a home visit with one of our "Care Coordinators". We come to you!

Carenade is an idea made real. We believe that home healthcare is about providing assistance to our loved ones in a comfortable convenient way. Carenade makes finding the right services easier. Our online marketplace allows family members to shop for both Medical and non-medical Homecare so your loved ones can get the care they need.

“We want to make finding home healthcare simple, transparent, and conversational. Healthcare has always been about people and now there is a better way to help.” Jordan Kapper, MD CEO and Co-Founder

Home Care Advising Services

Carenade is dedicated to cuzstomer service. Our care coordinators know our agencies inside and out and can help you find the perfect agency. We offer FREE in person care advising at our office or at your home. Call (833)-ShareTheCare or use our chat feature to schedule a meeting.

Call: (833) 464-3848
Address: 116 Research Dr., Suite 209, Bethlehem, PA 18015
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Our Search

We know that finding care can be difficult. We are constantly researching, innovating, and applying new features to make your experience a better one. Please reach out if you have any problems, questions or just to chat. Whether you choose to purchase through Carenade or not, the Carenade team is always willing to offer advice on finding the best care.

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Our Tech

Our platform includes all of your home healthcare options in one place. Shop around and find out what agency best fits your needs. With our unique shared payment capability, you can message other family members to chip in and share the cost-of-care for your loved one. Simply “click-to-share” and send a payment request to any family members.

“Families that pull together, stay together.”

Get in touch with us. We want to hear from you!

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